MASTERMEDIA: family picnic & speedway

On May 25, 2023, the Mastermedia company at Kresowa Street in Lublin organized … a speedway family picnic.

The highlight of the family picnic was training for the youngest. It was held under the watchful eye of the Platinum Motor Lublin Junior School professionals.

Children as young as 6 years old can start their adventure with speedway and motocross. We teach how to behave on a motorcycle, how to react to various track situations, how to use techniques and how to ride. Safety comes first. – says Maciej Więckowski, Trainer of the Platinum Motor Lublin Junior School.

This sport teaches healthy competition. Lublin is famous for its fantastic cheering, carried out in the spirit of fair play. As one of the main sponsors of Platinum Motor Lublin, we want to instil a speedway rider among the youngest. Who knows, maybe there is a future world champion with us? – explains Paweł Wójciak, co-founder of Mastermedia Cioczek i Wójciak Sp. J

The picnic gathered a large group of Mastermedia employees and their families. Training and competitions on interactive speedway simulators were very popular. In the spirit of sportsmanship, competitions and a podium for the winners could not be missing. In addition, bouncy castles and face painting, loved by the youngest. JBB Bałdyga, the producer of cold cuts, took care of the culinary setting, serving delicious grilled dishes.

Another family speedway picnics? You can already hear that the idea of Mastermedia fell on fertile ground.