Our activity

We deliver merchandise from Poland directly to the customer’s shop. We have our own high-bay warehouses as well as transshipment stations with cold stores. Thanks to the high inventory level the fill rate in our company is bigger than 95%.

Our customers are mainly retail shops. However, we are also open to cooperate with other entrepreneurs selling Polish groceries on the area of our business activity.

We offer almost 9 000 products and constantly enlarge selection of the merchandise to meet the needs of our customers. We offer a wide range of cold cuts, hams and meat, dairy products and fat, fruits and vegetables, instant meal, juice and beverages. Our products are made by the best food manufacturers in our country.


Supply chain in a nutshell:

  • We prepare an order and load them into lorries in Lublin and in Wysogotowo near Poznan.
  • Lorries set off to our transshipment stations. TIRs from Lublin transport goods to Southall, and from Wysogotowo to Sheffield, Glasgow, Dublin and De Meern near Utrecht.
  • In the transshipment stations the goods are being reloaded into smaller cars and delivered to the customers. Lorries from Southall deliver goods to shops in south of Great Britain, goods from Sheffield are transported to north of Great Britain, and goods from De Meern are delivered to customers in Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. A warehouse in Glasgow supplies stores in Scotland and Dublin serves Irish customers.
  • If need be, a driver will help with the unloading the car.


Who would believe that Mastermedia started the business activity as a small, three-person company…
Everything started in 2006 when business partners Grzegorz Cioczek and Paweł Wójciak were personally collecting orders from the customers in London and bringing the goods from Poland. Katarzyna Zdybicka-Wójciak was responsible for picking and preparing the orders.

The more orders the company had, the more vehicles they have to use. Finally, the partners began using lorries to transport merchandise to the UK. The company expanded and hiring more employees was necessary to successfully run a business.

Good management resulted in increasing number of deliveries. The company owners “were forced” to open bigger transshipment stations in Poland and England, which significantly facilitated the work in the company.

Since 2014 the company owns its own stock level and effective logistics based on the United Kingdom`s experiences, effectively use on other markets it serves.

Currently three business partners Grzegorz Cioczek, Paweł Wójciak and Katarzyna Zdybicka-Wójciak still remain the backbone of the company. The company hires more than 600 employees in Poland and abroad and the number of workers is still growing.

Why is it worth to work with us?

Competitive prices

We offer clear and attractive discount programmes and special promotions on a regular basis. Thanks to the broad scope of our activities food manufacturers offer us attractive financial terms what results in lower prices for our customers

Quick delivery

We have the most modern vehicles and warehouses at our disposal and, last but not least, own stock level. That is why the delivery from Poland abroad is as fast as possible.

Wide range of products

We constantly enlarge our offer cooperating with the best food manufacturers in Poland. In order to meet the customers’ needs we introduce new products to our offer.

Our values


Electronic sales and deliveries supporting systems enable to work fast and efficiently. We are constantly raising our standards because we care about the development and comprehensiveness of our services and, first and foremost, about the satisfaction of our customers.


We respect people and we want to be respected. We reckon that this is the best approach to achieve success. Reliability and being as good as our word are the indicators of a high business standard in our company.


We act ethically and lawfully. We believe that one can achieve success without forgetting about their values.

We are a member of the Programme Reliable Company.

Check out our reliability.

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