Awarding Mastermedia with the Solid Employer of the Year 2019 title in the nationwide category is the culmination of HR activities in the company so far. The most important criteria determining the selection of program laureates include: respecting labor law, a clear career path, training and professional development opportunities, incentive systems and compliance with health and safety regulations.

At Mastermedia, we believe that the company is primarily people working in it. They determine its strength, and how it is perceived on the market by both potential employees and customers or business partners. We treat this award as an appreciation of the efforts made so far, but also as a commitment to the further development of HR activities.

The Solid Employer of the Year is an award that confirms the clarity and reliability of

companies’ operations, which makes it easier to establish business cooperation and an advantage over the competition in various types of tenders and competitions. The awards are given to companies that invest in modern personnel management models.