About us

Mastermedia is a Polish family company that dominates the export of food products and everyday use. We have professional solutions that effectively support running a business by our partners.

Our mission

We deliver goods from Poland directly to the customer’s store. We have our own high bay warehouses and cross dock warehouses with coolers. Thanks to our own stock levels, our order fulfillment rate is higher than 95%.


Most of our clients are retail stores. However, we are open to cooperation with any entrepreneur who sells Polish food products in the area we serve.


We offer almost 9,000 products and we are constantly expanding our offer in order to adapt to the needs of our customers. We offer a wide range of cold cuts and meats, dairy products and fats, vegetables and fruit, ready meals, juices and drinks, as well as cosmetics and cleaning products. Our offer comes from the best Polish food producers from all over the country.

How do we work?

The products are transported by trucks equipped with GPS and cooling units. Thanks to this, the products are delivered on time while maintaining the cooling line.

  1. We complete the goods based on orders and load them on trucks from the warehouse in Lublin and Wysogotowo near Poznań.

  2. The loaded trucks go to our corss dock warehouses. Orders from Lublin are delivered to Southall, while from Wysogotowo we ship orders to De Meern near Utrecht, Sheffield, Glasgow and Dublin.

  3. Here we reload goods onto smaller trucks, which we use to deliver goods directly to our customers. If necessary, drivers assist with unloading.

Why Mastermedia?

  1. We want more

    For Mastermedia only sky is the limit. We do not limit ourselves in developing our business and expanding borders. Every day we support our clients so that they can achieve success on local markets.

  2. We look further

    We follow a clear, long-term strategy. We want to provide comprehensive, modern solutions for stores. What’s more, we plan to export products from Poland and Central and Eastern Europe to every corner of the world.

  3. We know the market

    For 15 years, we have perfectly identified the needs of our business partners and their consumers. Thanks to this, we can offer tailor-made solutions.

  4. We set trends

    Always on the TOP, always first – this is our motto in our daily work. We want to set market trends and offer the best and most modern solutions for our clients.

  5. We have know-how

    We have experience in organizing trade in the foreign channel. Thanks to this, we increase the sales of Polish producers, giving them effective and constant sales volumes.

  6. We keep improving

    We never rest on laurels. We are constantly improving to provide the most complete solutions, in line with the assumption – Always on the TOP, always first.

+750 employees in Poland and abroad